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We are Pet Sitters Australia - Also known as  PetSitAus

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For loving care for your pet family!

Pet Sitters Australia - Trading as Pet Sit Aus  (PSA)
Where we know that all your pets are family too!

Pet Sitters Australia is a fully registered business operating for over 12 years
carrying Public Liability Insurance, with fully trained & qualified, compassionate carers

We actively support animal welfare initiatives. Part of our profits are donated to accredited animal charities .

28/5/2020 - Covid-19 Udate: - We can take bookings & book carers if they are available

we do have protocols to help keep everyone safer so please check out our protocols in our FAQ section:


Keeping Your Pet Family Happy, Healthy, Safe, Very Well Cared for with Our Compassionate Loving Care!

Do you ever find yourself too busy to get home in time to walk or feed your pet?
Are you going away on a holiday or for work and need a trusted carer & companion for them while you’re gone? Regardless of your needs we are here to take care of your beloved pets. Get in touch so we can discuss the details and so we can meet your furry, feathered & family members

All of our carers are known to us, and are fully screened prior to joining


All of our carers are professional pet carers - everyone has to have completed our training and induction - which includes a Police Background Check  (PBC),  Completion of our Animal First Aid Training Course and Animal Behaviour Basics Training Course.  All carers have a entered into a contract where our Policies and Procedures & Code of Conduct is agreed and binding.


Our Carers love animals and will treat your family members as if they were their own.

Services including Pet Sitting, Visiting your pets at home, Minding your pets by providing living in service, Dog Walking, Pet & Dog Trainers and behaviourists are also available through Pet Sit Aus.



Where carers Visit daily to care for your pet family
(Visits of   30,  45 or  60 mins per day or a mix & also multiple visits per day are also available)

With many years of experience and countless clients, you can rest assured that your pets will receive the attentiveness they need. This is one of our most popular services, so make sure to book today!

This service is great for cats and most animals when you are away - also great for visits if you get held up at work.  

( We visit dogs during the day for fun, play, feeding, and comfort stops of course - however - If you are away and no-one else is home overnight then for holiday care - we recommend you use the "Mind My Pet & Home" service - as dogs can suffer upsets and anxiety without having someone overnight spending significant amounts of time with them - The "Mind My Pet & Home" service is the best option for dogs )

Golden Dog




Professional Experienced Consistent, Caring and Careful Carers

Where carers Visit daily to care for your pet family
Visits & with Walks &/or enrichment play, care services of   30,  45 or  60 mins per day
or a mix & also multiple visits per day are also available

Not able to give your dog enough play or walking time because you are so busy or can't due to timing, illness etc?

We can help!  Our walks are pretty much only 'one on one' - where walkers work only with your dog or dog family members.

No multiple dogs to wrangle , no leads to tangle, you dog gets significant attention and exercise - we don't just pick up and drop off at a dog park - because your dogs need more than that - they love our guided, constructive walks with our professional carers!


Cat Sleeping


Where PSA Carers Live in each night to care for & pamper your pets

A great live in carer service for when you are away


 Regardless of your animal’s type, age or mannerisms, this service means the only thing your pets need to adjust to,  is that their carer just isn't you for a while - everything else stays much the same - this is the best, least stressful care for your pet family!

This service is based your Carer being engaged per night - so your pets get their usual night and morning routine catered to - pretty much the way you do each night and the following morning!

All of our services can be further customized specifically for your pets needs once we agree on what that should be.

This service is great for multi pet households too!

Get in touch today with any questions about how I can help you and your furry, fishy & feathered friends.

Help with Cooking


Helping you care for your pets when you are pregnant, recovering from an injury, surgery or illness and also great for the Elderly or Infirm.   This service helps people to maintain their independence with in home pet support services.

There are times in life you need some help to do things around the home - including pet care!

We help you do the pet care chores, feeding, watering, cleaning the litter & yard - keeping things more hygienic - allowing you to just enjoy the pet companionship instead!

We help clients keep safe at home, independent and happy, and with their pets, as pet companions make recovering at home all the better!

Many clients have engaged us to help out their parents, their partner or their friends during times they need support - we are happy to help, and work with you to provide a suitable schedule of support visits.  These visits and their duration or frequency are discussed and agreed with you  - whether once a day, once a week or whatever supports the client and their pets needs during times they need assistance is what we will do.

We can talk, work out what is needed and schedule in that with you!  We are also prepared for variances - should you need more assistance or less assistance over time - we will help you meet those needs.  Just call adn we can talk it through on 0405-498-528

Key in the Lock


Professional Experience

Not spending as much time as you’d like with your pet? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of our services.

Indoor Plants


Your plants need regular care when you are away too!

Regardless of your animal’s type, age or mannerisms, each of our services can be customized specifically for you, your home, your pets & your plants. Get in touch today with any questions about how I can help you and your furry friend.



At PetSitAus (PSA) we pride ourselves on our professional, reliable, capable and consistent loving care of all your pets. 

We understand what good customer service means, and will treat you, your pets and your home with total respect.


You can be sure that because we love all animals and that your pets’ happiness and welfare is our priority!


 - After all, you should be sure that anyone who cares for your pets will do their very best for them!

Kerry, a founder of Pet Sitters Australia has been a pet sitter and has used pet sitting services for over 30 years.  In 2009, a group of carers made a decision to bring all of our services together under the one Service Banner 


By combining our strengths we have created a strong band of carers together under the company Pet Sitters Australia ( We are also know as PetSitAus & PSA )


What this now means to you, is that, Pet Sitters Australia can offer greater coverage and greater depth of services and expertise to all pet owners and pet carers.

PSA carers are Professional Pet Care and Support Services trained, and all carers have Pet First Aid Cerified training and have public liability insurance coverage ONLY when their jobs are booked and paid through Pet Sitters Australia.

PSA carers are offered continuing support, guidance and training. At PSA, being a pet care professional is about continuing to learn and gain knowledge so that our service is always the best.

Pet Sitters Australia offers several pet care options.  In fact, depending on the type of pet you have and their physical, psychological and social needs, we can either come to your home and take care of your pet in their own environment, or arrange loving care for them in one of our carer’s homes.


Plus, we also offer other pet enrichment and environment management assistance as well….


You can arrange to have you pets healthier, happier and less stressed when you are away, than other potential options such as mass facilities (for example boarding kennels and catteries which you may have previously considered)



Experience & Expertise

We really care - We are your pets friends and family when you can't be there to look after them. 
We are also trained and qualified in Pet First Aid and Animal Behaviour Basics ( carers must gain these qualifications to be part of our team)






We have been in Pet Care services for over 30 years

At Pet Sitters Australia we really are your pets’ best friend, (well, next to you of course!)

We are there when you can’t be, whether it is to help your pet pal when they need some exercise, or if you need to go on holidays, take care of your health or have to be away on business!

At Pet Sitters Australia we know just how important your pet really is; because we understand that you love your pets as much as we love our own pets!

Pet Sitters Australia is a professional ‘pet sitting’/’pet minding’ ‘house sitting’ ‘Dog walking’ and general ‘pet care service company’  

We also arrange appropriate carers for  ‘Pet&/or house sitting and/or overnight stays,. These services are most suitable for longer stays when you are away, or when you feel your pet needs extra attention.

We offer a solution for pet minding that takes into account that all pets have different needs.

PetSitAus acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Reference from Jeremy S & the family

Kerry & her team have been trusted pet minders and dog walker for our pets since the late 1980’s.

We have happily left both our home and our dogs and cats in their capable hands on many, many occasions over the years. From weekends away to longer sojourns for up to weeks overseas, I can always rest easy when I engage Pet Sit Aus services. In fact, engaging Kerry's team and her

services gives us real peace of mind.

Kerry applies the same care to selecting the right kind of people, fully background checked and trained to care for our pets to her extremely high standard. In fact, for all of the 20 plus years that Kerry and her carers have looked after our pets, we have never been disappointed with that care.

Kerry’s love for animals, her knowledge of their physical, emotional and environmental needs is apparent at all times. This, I know through experience, extends to anyone that she would allow to work within her business and with any animals entrusted to that care.

Kerry and her team, makes sure that your home remains secure and that your pets get the best possible care and attention.

I can honestly recommend Kerry and her pet care services to anyone who truly cares for their pets. She is reliable, honest, capable and caring. She will truly love and care for your pets and their well being.

The Swallow Family

cat sleeping,cat sleeping in a human arm


For a quick no obligation quote please give us some details about your pets, their needs and your location!

If you haven't spoken to us or had a quote yet - you can either call or text us with these details on m: 0405-498-528  or fill in this quick request for quote form!

Would you prefer us to call you, email you with a quote?

Thanks for submitting!


At Pet Sitters Australia (Pet Sit Aus)  we know just how important your pet really is; because we understand that you love your pets as much as we love our own pets!

We offer a solution for pet minding that takes into account that all pets have different needs.

To discuss you and your pets unique needs  - just call or email us for assistance or to answer your questions today! 


Mailing address: PO Box 6192, Marrickville South NSW 2204


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COVID Protocols 

10/10/2021 - Update:

Covid-(All varients) Update: - We can take bookings & book carers if they are available

we do have protocols to help keep everyone safer so please check out our protocols in this FAQ section:


Covid-19 -Protocols for care and safety to be followed by clients and carers

The safety, care and welfare of our Pet Sit Aus (PSA) carers and clients and pets is paramount and we have the following protocols that can help ensure the safety of all

Existing Clients - when Carer have keys already   (often using regularly repeat carers)

When carers already have Client Access Keys (For access for work to be performed) then - engagement for care is simplified as no contact client engagement and handover is simple - clients to clean surfaces to remove possible presence of Covid on surfaces prior to carers arriving - Carers to clean all touched surfaces on their final visit as well  (Client please provide appropriate cleaning products for this purpose)


Existing Clients and New Clients who need keys collected &/or Orientation & Handover meetings done

Existing Clients with repeat carers - No Keys - When carers don't have Client Access Keys - but has performed work at a known address with pets they know, and the client has given good written instructions - then - we can do contactless key arrangements ;

 a)  Clients can drop off to a Carers nominated drop off point - or

 b)  Carers pick up key from your location - (Key collection fees may apply)  


New Clients - where Key Collection &/Or Orientation for place and pets is required - If a carer is new to your pets care and home, or there are significant changes or handovers required - then an orientation/key collection process would need to be in place .
Protocols as guided by health authorities will always apply - Including but not limited to - social distancing, hand sanitizer, frequent hand washing, masks and other PPE etc - may need to be engaged - it is probably best that we discuss this closer to the time to clarify based on govt time based requirements.

However - it must be noted that no matter what style of engagement is required, all homes where carers must conduct work and pet care - should be cleaned appropriately to remove all possible Covid surface contamination prior to any pet care services carer attending the client site.


Cookies:  Whilst the hosting site may collect cookies to work out how you navigate around this site - no cookies are collected to be used or sold  to any third party and if you decline to allow cookies please just select that option at any time.

When you choose to do a Client Booking Form that is dealt with at another safe/encrypted site and as all information is encrypted and only accessible to PetSitAus and this information remain private and confidential at all times.

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