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Covid-19:  PSA Protocols

Covid-19 Update  (NB: First Post:  28/3/2020 - Latest Update  2/12/2020): 


We can take bookings & book carers if they are available.

We do have protocols to help keep everyone safer so please check out our protocols in this FAQ section.

Protocols as guided by health authorities will always apply - Including but not limited to - social distancing, hand sanitizer, frequent hand washing, masks and other PPE etc - may need to be engaged - it is probably best that we discuss this closer to the time to clarify based on govt time based requirements and in particular what the carer will have as their level of COVID safety criteria


However - it must be noted that no matter what style of engagement is required, all homes where carers must conduct work and pet care - should be cleaned appropriately to remove all possible Covid-19  surface contamination prior to any pet care services carer attending the client site.


Covid-19 -Protocols for care and safety to be followed by ALL clients and carers

The safety, care and welfare of our Pet Sit Aus (PSA) carers and clients and pets is paramount and we have the following protocols that can help ensure the safety of all

Applicable at all times is the following:

1) Clients to clean all appropriate areas to remove possible presence of Covid on surfaces prior to carers arriving

2) Carers to clean all touched surfaces on their final visit as well 

3) Client to please provide appropriate cleaning products for this purpose - we recommend you have ample surface cleaner sprays available for your use and the carers use for the above sanitising processes.

4)  All keys whether picked up or dropped off by carers should be sanitised whenever changing hands to either party

5) Keys on File & Key Managemetn discussions

We recommend that all clients who may intend ongoing or multiple engagements going forward discuss how they can manage keys handover in future - this may mean:
- Carer is to retain keys for future use (On file),


- if the carer is OK with Key Drop Off to them/their location/home off in future


if there is a safe repository for keys to be collected on the time of the next job by the carer


(Note many client have provided a Key Safe & Code - or a Lockable/safe Letterbox for carers to be accessing keys in the future.   Planning now can make future engagements easier and can also help us to respond to emergency or short notice pet care more ably in the future.


Clients who need - Keys Collected &/or Orientation & Handover meetings

New Clients:

Where Key Collection &/Or Orientation for place and pets is required


- If a care is new to your pets care and home, or there are significant changes or handovers required - then an orientation/key collection process would need to be arranged and in place .

Please do ASAP - A Phone/Verbal based ORIENTATION processes (A video facetime session may help with orientation too!)


We recommend that both the carer and the client discuss their understandings of the job and that the client provide a clear orientation  ( At the time of the phone orientation please - Discuss based on the documentation provided being the 'Job Sheet' for the carer and the 'Client Engagement sheet' for the client be used when doing the orientation as all of the location, contact and other related detail is contained in these documents - this will make the orientation flow much smoother for you both)

Key arrangements handover arrangements can be discussed at this time as well.


Existing Clients with repeat carers

- But with NO Keys left with carers between jobs (On File) :

When carers don't have Client Access Keys 'on file':

But where the carer has a already performed carer work at a known address with pets they know, and the client has given good written instructions.


We can then do contactless  key exchange arrangements -  i.e Clients can drop off to a Carers nominated drop off point - or carers can arrange to pick up from a client location-

( Note that : Key collection fees may apply if client is requiring collection by carer)  

Existing Clients with NEW carers

Same protocol as with NEW CLIENTS as engagement with new carer is similar to a NEW client process



Existing Clients with Keys "On File" with recurring Carers

( & no Major changes (I.e New Address or New Pets etc)

When Carers have keys already (On file)

Most often when clients are often using regularly repeat carers

When carers already have Client Access Keys (For access for work to be performed) then - engagement for care is simplified as a "No contact client engagement or handover" is simple - a clarifying / update phone call to cover things off is as always highly recommended.


If you have any concerns or queries about any of these processes - please call Kerry on 0405-498-528 and we can help!



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